• 3 low cost marketing strategiesMay 28th, 2014

    An effective marketing strategy is the base of a company’s success. This is especially true for small and new firms.

  • Value at RiskMay 21st, 2014

    Value at Risk is a statistical technique useful in order to check the risk level, that’s to say the eventual loss, of an investment in a specific time frame.

  • Networking for companiesMay 12th, 2014

    Networking is a socioeconomic activity. Through networking people meet, share information and build relations that can be useful for all the parties involved.

  • The use of financial derivatives in risk managementMay 8th, 2014

    What are financial derivatives
    Financial derivatives are titles; their value changes in relation to the variation of the price of real products.

  • Cost control in SMEsApril 18th, 2014

    Cost control is an activity that can lead to significant advantages in a SME.
    The analysis of the expenses allows to take focused decisions when eventual cuts or investments must be planned.